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However, it does weaken them temporarily, as Rebekah Mikaelson felt dizzy and had severe hallucinations after drinking a beer laced with a concentrated dose of hybrid venom. It wore off within hours; she just had to rest for a while for her body to metabolize it. The effects of the venom of an Upgraded Original vampire was scientifically engineered from each strain of the original seven werewolf bloodlines.

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This was subsequently incorporated in the the spell that created the Upgraded Original vampire. The venom is potent enough to cause a vampire to have strong hallucinations and to quickly deteriorate from the bite, more so than that of a werewolf or hybrid. It is deadly enough to even kill an Original Vampire and consequently can kill non-original vampires. In The Rager , it was shown that one can extract the venom of werewolves, hybrids, and Upgraded Original vampires by using a syringe inserted into the specie in question's gums to take a sample.

From there, it can be used mixed in food or drink such as when Connor Jordan injected it into a keg of beer that was delivered to Rebekah's party or can be used to fill or coat bullets such as when Galen Vaughn used werewolf venom-laced bullets to shoot Damon in Graduation , and it will affect any vampire who ingests it or is otherwise infected with it.

Werewolf and hybrid bites are fatal to vampires much more quickly - typically a vampire will die or be on the verge of death within twenty-four hours, as seen in the case of Nadia Petrova. In Behind the Black Horizon , the bite of Upgraded Original vampires are even more fatal than werewolves and hybrids bites, being capable of even killing Original vampires. This was demonstrated when Lucien Castle , recently turned into an Upgraded Original vampire, bit Finn Mikaelson , an Original vampire, and died soon thereafter.

ESO: Ask a Priest to Cure You -, The Video Games Wiki

One cure for werewolf venom is the blood of the original hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson , as well as the blood of his daughter, a tribrid, Hope. Both can be used to cure a werewolf bite.

Skyrim Guides: How to cure vampirism

However, Dr. Vampires have an aversion to garlic , a common defense against vampires is to create garlands of garlic bulbs and hang them around ones home.

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Vampires shy away from garlic, and cannot touch the garlands. Vampires will die almost instantly in the sun. After level 5, blood can be used to offset this a little. Vampire players must respect this! If out in the open at night, take a clock!

My Werewolf is a Vampire?

A vampire player must be aware of their respawn point, respawning in the sun will have quite negative consequences! After respawning the instant death will be deactivated just long enough to find shelter, the player will be on fire though, so speed is important.

There is a configuration setting that allows the items from a dead vampire player to not despawn for an extended period, in part to compensate for the difficulty in recovering them during the day. By default these items will have a 12 minute despawn protection up from the default 5 minutes. Leveling requires following what is described in the book called Observations of an Immortal. Vampire powers other than Drink consume Blood, the blood bar is shown either on the left or right of the screen and is red when filled.

When fully gray you have no blood left and you will not be able to use activated powers and hunger will not get replenished. When all hunger bars are gone the player will get significant debuffs on move speed, damage and dig speed.

When looking at a creature with blood the amount of blood they have will be shown below the cross-heir at the center of the screen. Right-clicking when the drink power is selected will try to drink from the creature the player is looking at, generally holding right-click is necessary to bite. Vampires can go "vegetarian" by drinking only from animals, although this will always damage them and the player will not be able to fill their blood bar all the way.

Werewolf Cure

Follow their questline toward becoming a Companion until you reach The Silver Hand quest. It is here that you can choose to partake in a secret ritual, in which you drink another werewolf's blood to turn you into a werewolf. Take note that if you do not want to commit it is reversible with a cure , the quest will not advance. After the initial violent outburst, you gain Beast Form which is found in the Powers section of the Magic menu. Like the other Powers , you can activate Beast Form once a day.

Here you will join a team of hunters to slay the beast. However, you will have the option to side with the Werewolf as an NPC and slay the hunters.

Vampires of Europe

In addition to the Ring of Hircine you can actually form a small were-pact at the wrath of Hircine. Or if you complete the quest you will receive the Savior's Hide which has high resistance to poison.