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It has that within which must offend Thine eyes; I confess and know it. But who shall cleanse it? Or to whom should I cry, save Thee? Lord, cleanse me from my secret faults, and spare Thy servant from the power of the enemy. Augustine was crying out for a fattened soul! This led, of course, to questions about why some souls remain thin. Let me explain. This is the word we use to describe the reality that God is everywhere, in and through all that He has made Psalm , Jeremiah ; Colossians , And yet there are places where God is not, or perhaps it is better to say there are places where He is not in the same way as He is in other places.

how ancient voices can deepen our relationship with god stories from catching gods heart Manual

For instance, we are told that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us James The God who is everywhere is not in the heart of the one who rejects Him in the same way as He is in the heart of people that welcome His Presence. We so easily say that God knows everything, and well we should Psalm ; 1 John However, there is a fascinating idea that emerges in the writing of Jeremiah that could make us question what this actually means.

This passage leaves us with the thought that humans may be capable of inventing or perpetrating evil that God would never have imagined. Based on these thoughts, I think it may be far more important that we let God know us than that we know Him. Apparently people can even do miracles without inviting God deeply enough into their hearts to be known by Him or to be changed by Him.

This would be an example of resisting grace. And it would help to account for the sorry condition of some souls. Why is it that anyone would want to keep God out of the depths of their being?

FB2 How Ancient Voices Can Deepen Our Relationship With God: Stories from Catching Gods Heart

Perhaps they are so afraid of being known and found wanting that they build large walls of pride to protect themselves even from love. This may be what it will look like for some of us—making the painful decision to let God shine His Light on who or what we actually are, not on what we wish we were. There are many ways of making excuses for sin.

If a man defends even his obvious sins in that way, when will he humbly confess to his abbot his hidden sins and the wicked thoughts which come into his heart? Contemporary psychiatrist, Gerald May, sees a similar reality in those who battle addictions. He lists the following elements of denial:. Now, if resisting grace is an explanation for the thinness of some souls, it makes sense to ask how we could open ourselves to grace, to the penetrating Light that secures us, unmasks us, and finally changes us.

How can we obtain a fat soul? As I began looking things up, my first impression was that the Hebrews had as many words for fat as Eskimos have for snow apparently quite a few. Some of them represented concepts that were positive and some negative. Hoarding keeps a soul small and impoverished.

We are called to participate with God, to partner with Him, in our spiritual formation. Both giving and receiving encouragement help to make a soul rich. Although it is clear that the quality of our speaking reveals a great deal about who we really are in the depths of our being, it is also true that the choices we make about speech patterns will have a lot to do with the kind of people we end up becoming.

All of these helped to form a picture of a growing soul. Those who are in Christ, in fellowship, and who are generous, diligent, and speak well, giving and receiving encouragement, are on their way to becoming fat souls. In the end, I think that this idea is more important than some of the others.


More important than our own effort in the growth process is the love of God that knows us and changes us. We cannot do it without Him. The great key to becoming a fat soul is this: trusting that God is with us, improving the condition of our souls as we keep abiding in Him , even if we are not yet who we want to be. And the consequence of an embarrassment at our own imperfection can keep us from jumping wholeheartedly into life. Many people are unconsciously waiting to be perfect before they will allow God to come close to them.

It will also make sure that their souls remain thin. I have a friend who was secretly bulimic for many years.

9 Bible Promises for When You're Feeling Lonely

She hated herself. In her own way she loved God, but she was tentative and broken as a person due to the many hard circumstances of her life. After she joined our church and received a great deal of love and attention, and was prayed for many times, she had an encounter with Jesus that greatly enhanced her healing process. In fact, from this moment she began to have accurate understanding of what others were going through and was able, often, to speak into their lives as though God Himself was speaking through her. Her ability astonished and comforted people in their distress.

Easter VI Sunday (May 26) homily

But she continued to hate herself. One night, around midnight, she called our home and wailed her anguish into the phone. It was probably one of the least responsible decisions I have made as a pastor. I have a word for you from God. She had great trust in Mary Ellen and me, and also several others from our community who had spent a good deal of time with her.

She roared back into screaming.

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Then, a moment later, she stopped and she challenged me. In your case, God has given you a true spiritual gift to help others, even though you are not yet healed yourself. His love, which is with you now, is your third wheel. In the years that followed this person became one of the joys of our community as she matured and became a leader in caring for others. This is why I believe that having a fat soul makes all the difference. The thin soul cannot change by itself. If it chooses to remain thin by refusing to let God come near, it is caught in the consequence of an impoverished life, often held back by many fears and points of bondage.

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If, on the other hand, a soul welcomes God into its life in an honest way, even if it is extremely broken, it will begin to change. As it gets richer and stronger, many sins and habits and addictions will simply fall away. I would be pleased if it helped you to desire to grow in familiarity with Scripture and long for more intimate experiences with God for yourself. The conventional use of the term also So I wanted some input, and here's as good a place as any to get some! I notice a lot of posts ask about how you celebrate -blank- holiday, if you put up an altar, what you did, with whom you observe.

In A Modern Guide to Heathenry readers will have the opportunity to explore the sacred stories of the various heathen gods like Odin, Frigga, Freya, and Thor and will be granted a look into the devotional practices of modern votaries. Scroll down to see the whole collection and click underneath each preview image to learn more about the printables. Hello, everyone. As you will recall, he has been answering questions the Corinthian Church posed regarding whether Devotional Calendar; Catholic toggle menu.

The Syrian commander was directed to Elisha, a man of God. Each journal includes 80 pages of the highest quality 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums water color, acrylic, ink etc. Devotional Poetry and the Temple of God the Church of Rome was anti-Christian not only because it incorporated supposedly pagan Devotional, Gods, Pagan, Panprosdexia, Thoughts Although my fingers and heart have itched to spin endless words about Panprosdexia, I have been holding myself back.

Check back often to see new devotions. To the apostle Paul, this idea was heresy. I find it to be the most important part of my spiritual practice. Although it is predominantly Catholic, it is also home to the largest pagan temple in the continent.

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