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  1. Statutes of Mortmain - Wikipedia
  2. Statutes of Mortmain

The commons likewise prepared a bill to restrain the disposition of lands in mortmain , whereby they became unalienable. Like a flash it occurred to Mortmain that the solicitor had called to see him about the bankruptcy.

Statutes of Mortmain - Wikipedia

By the law of mortmain religious houses were prohibited from acquiring it. Perhaps; for he would have no love for the Church even here, and he is obviously hostile to anything in the nature of mortmain. Words nearby mortmain mortise block , mortise chisel , mortise joint , mortise lock , mortling , mortmain , morton , morton grove , morton's syndrome , mortsafe , mortuary.

It could, therefore, hold land permanently unlike a natural person, whose property is redistributed upon his or her death. The holdings of religious corporations grew as contributions were received from their members.

Because such holdings were immune from responsibilities for taxes and payment of feudal dues, greater burdens were placed on noncorporate secular property. Therefore, land in mort-main was said to be held in perpetuity in one dead hand, that of the corporation.


Statutes of Mortmain

An unlawful alienation of lands, or tenements to any corporation, sole or aggregate, ecclesiastical or temporal. These purchases having been chiefly made by religious houses, in consequence of which lands became perpetually inherent in one dead hand, this has occasioned the general appellation of mortmain to be applied to such alienations.

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Mortmain is also employed to designate all prohibitory laws, which limit, restrain, or annul gifts, grants, or devises of lands and other corporeal hereditaments to charitable uses. See Shelf.

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