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Username Password Forgot password? Shibboleth OpenAthens. Restore content access Restore content access for purchases made as guest. They live in Toronto, ON Canada. Ariel Vegosen Berkeley, CA is a professional gender and diversity inclusion trainer, workshop facilitator, sex educator, Priestess extraordinaire, consultant, relationship coach, performance artist, liberation advocate, writer, Jewish educator, social justice super hero, public speaker, adventure seeker, and lover of life. Ariel is the founder of Gender Illumination www. For over 16 years Ariel has facilitated trainings, workshops, and written curriculum for organizations, corporations, nonprofits, schools, Jewish institutions, summer camps, universities, and faith-based communities all over the U.

Ariel is proud to be an ordained Kohenet Priestess and creator of new inspirational ritual. Ariel works with people of all ages from youth to elders and uses theater, performance, embodiment, and art as tools of education and liberation. Ariel's work focuses on intersectionality, racial, gender, environmental, and economic justice, and creating communities across diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Ariel loves to play with pronouns, bring joy into all aspects of life, and creatively spark conversation and connections. Ariel is available for trainings, workshops, teaching, rituals, performing, consulting, coaching, speaking engagements, and can be reached at ariel genderillumination.

Her work can be accessed at www. Marni Ashirah dwells in Oholone and Chochenyo territory a. Berkeley, California with her partner and their dog and garden. Bara Sapir San Pablo, CA is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur who engages deeply and intuitively with the world around her. A thought leader in this field, she is the first to combine mindful and human potential techniques with academic study and test-taking strategic mojo. She lectures and conducts workshops for students, parents, educators, business people, and creative professionals seeking high-performance results at school, work, and in life.

She imbues ceremony in the ordinary, and delights in manifesting the extraordinary. She loves California cuisine, festival ethos, and travel. She regularly produces community events, tends her small fruit orchard, and breathes in the view from her home. She feels extremely grateful for the weave of community, friends, family, teachers, and students.

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  4. She is most often found with her four-legged familiar, Eloise. Cara Rock-Singer is in the final months of a Ph. Her dissertation, Prophetesses of the Body: American Jewish Women and the Politics of Embodied Knowledge, focuses on how women are using embodied spiritual practices to transform American Jewish life.

    As a participant and observer in Kohenet, Cara has spent the past three years researching, teaching, and writing about its innovative ritual, theological, and textual work. She is lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband and daughter. She grew up in Minnesota in a multifaith household, always a seeker.

    After graduating from Macalester College with a major in Hebrew and Arabic Languages, they drove across the country to California to immerse in earth- based Jewish community and begin training as a Kohenet. Passionate about our inherent power to respond creatively to change, they offer tools for accessing that creativity and share stories that illuminate our collective wisdom and powerAs their Priestess Project, Cedar founded a videography and photography business called Sacred Witness Media. They delight in bringing their gifts of space holding, deep listening and creative visioning to the production process.

    In her communities, Cedar facilitates group ritual and liberatory movement spaces. She is excited to combine her Kohenet training with current studies in movement-based expressive art therapy at the Tamalpa Institute, an integration she envisions supporting her transformative witness and creative facilitation work with both individuals and communities.

    Elizabeth J. Berger Long Island, NY begins with your life story to foster unforgettable ceremonies and ritual moments. She draws from her own narrative to cultivate exhilarating workshop experiences. Elizabeth earned her Master of Science in narrative medicine at Columbia University. She has presented internationally on provider well-being and spirituality in Western medicine. Elizabeth lives on Long Island, a short distance from Manhattan.

    Elsa Asher Oakland, CA is a somatic therapy practitioner and bodyworker, specializing in prenatal, birth and attachment, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and the autonomic nervous system. Elsa is passionate about decolonization, reparations, and rooting in pre-Torah Hebrew tribal identity and ways, and is a founding member of Kehunah. Her proudest moments and deepest challenges have been in the joyous project of mother to Avishai, Davida and Shoshana, now young adults all, along with her partner Jeff.

    Her past work in public health informs her community organizing and she serves as Jewish educator and artist. Erev Richards Solon, OH. Reb Rayzel has served four congregations, and yet her path is one of the artist and ritual leader.


    Geela Rayzel understands the deep mythic structure of the heroine's journey, and brings her skills of group work, songleading, and inspiration to her ceremonies. She teaches about spirituality, dreams, kabbalah, other Jewish mysteries as she is guided on her path in service to the Divine Feminine.

    She has a BA in business management and operates a small woman-owned business as a Commercial Mortgage Broker. She teaches Torah with an emphasis on its relevance to our everyday lives and she is a healer, prayer writer, and sacred drummer. She has one daughter who has earned an M. Her heart is especially open to bikur cholim visits with Holocaust Survivors. She also facilitates an ecological resilience service called Mycoevolve which offers habitat enhancing earthwork, regenerative agriculture, educational workshops, and conducts research in mycoremediation for watershed protection.

    Mycovelve hosts VT Myconode who currently grows mycellium to heal polluted areas on earth. As Ozeret Shorashim, she joins with others in lovingly tearing down the empire while growing the garden. With degrees in anthropology and law, she is a ritual leader, and political activist for peace, environment and social justice. Juju Urcis Santa Cruz, CA is an herbalist and healing guide who offers lifestyle, diet, bodywork and herbal consultations.

    She recently moved to Santa Cruz to complete her license in acupuncture. She devotes her practice to people interested in learning herbology, healing, and living mindfully. She is passionate about learning traditional healing modalities of various cultures and promoting the alchemy of homemade remedies.

    She believes that healing comes from within, that patients must be active participants in their path to wellness, and that by tuning into our bodies and into nature we can recreate balance in our lives.

    In New Prayer Book, Signs of Broad Change - The New York Times

    Keshira haLev Fife Pittsburgh, PA is a community leader, ritual creatrix, songstress, and world traveler who sprinkles sparkles, disrupts expectations, and offers blessings wherever she goes. She is a life spiral ceremony celebrant, specializing in multifaith and multicultural weddings, and helping people to mark life's milestones in Jewish ways.

    She delights in priestessing in her home cities or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Sydney, Australia or wherever her travels may take her.

    Practice Hebrew Reading: Kedusha in the Amida prayer.

    Ketzirah Lesser Washington D. She was a member of the first cohort of women to receive ordination as a Kohenet, through the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. She also received ordination as a Celebrant of Becoming, a spiritual community she co-led in Washington DC from In , she launched the Devotaj Sacred Arts Academy, bringing her approach to the sacred arts to spiritual seekers and bold souls. While currently on a hiatus from OneShul, an online synagogue, she served director from and from led live-streaming interactive Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, High Holiday services.

    Rabbi Lynn Gottleib, Eim haDerekh Berkeley, CA is one of the first women to become a rabbi in Jewish history, is a pioneer Jewish feminist, peace activist, writer, visual artist, ceremonialist, community organizer and master storyteller.