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Last month two teenagers in London were stabbed to death within 90 minutes of each other, and in the same week the police verified a riveting video that showed a passenger disarming a blade-wielding man on a bus in North London. Just on Thursday, the police thwarted a suspected terrorist attack in central London, arresting a year-old man armed with a bag of knives.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Wikipedia

While the sale of such weapons was outlawed in Britain last year, a thriving black market exists online. The increase in knife attacks in Britain, where handguns are almost impossible to obtain, had been attributed in recent years to budget cuts to youth services and statistical anomalies caused by changes in statistical accounting. But police officials say this no longer explains either a sharp rise in overall crime rates or the growing prevalence of young men carrying knives. But many young people who live in areas with high crime insist that carrying a knife wins them respect and lowers their chances of being attacked.

On a recent day in Battersea, a former slum area in South London, Ali visited a makeshift shrine of flowers, pictures and cards on the spot where his friend Malachi Brooks, 22, had been fatally stabbed. There were still bloodstains on the sidewalk that his friends and family tried to cover with tea candles in the shape of his name. Ali has a tough demeanor, but his eyes started to swell with tears as he read some of the notes. Jerry Conway, another resident who visited the shrine and described Mr. Conway added. Lucy Holbert, a real estate agent who slowed down to look at the site of the attack from her car, said Londoners were increasingly investigating crime rates before buying or renting properties.

Emanuelle - 3. Gallagher - 2. Merrow - 4.

Police suspect Likud MK took large bribes from 2 companies — reports

There are over , "full-time law enforcement officers who were authorized to make arrests and carry firearms in the United States" as of spread across 73 Federal agencies as of an article from State and local agencies have , full-time police with the power to make arrests, plus an additional 44, part-time and therefore carry handcuffs - based on a Gov't report. The state and local agencies come in a wide range of places and occupations, from state, local, city, port, etc.

I mention all of the above because I noticed something along the way. The vast majority of the people walking around with handcuffs in this book were local police. It was not always obvious what specific department they worked for, but it was obvious that they were local police. There was at least one vice cop, one homicide detective, and one patrol officer.

It's a book of erotic stories, I guess the lack of variation, the opportunity not taken is somewhat acceptable. I guess. An interesting collection of stories. Some seemed misplaced - as in, while they might have included sex, they were not erotica stories. Most seemed relatively well-written, even the ones I rated poorly - I just didn't like those stories based on the meat of the story, not the underlying writing abilities of the author. Of the sixteen authors present in this collection, I had previously read 2 of them - and liked their stories here.

Both of whom fall into my 'highlights'. Top stories: 1. Healing Hand by Lynn Mixon - 4. Hollis by Jove Belle - 4. Riding the Rails by Sacchi Green - 4. How does your Garden Grow by Cheyenne Blue - 4. View 2 comments. This hot little bit does not disappoint. If you are a fan if moderate BDSM with use of paper clips as nipple clamps and other everyday items as a sexy toys. This story is for 3. This story is for you. I did like how this author described the looks of her characters as I am visual.

Women With Handcuffs: Lesbian Cop Erotica

Where the dominant stays clothed and the sub is not. Uniform fetish was the highlight of this story and also the characters were likable. Nothing wrong with the writing just not really in the mood for the emotional intensity it tried to pack into 12 or so pages.

Monica is the sweet single yet older Mom of a teen. Rosa the sexy crush. I would love to read and extended version of this. Raiment Didn't care for this story a bit. Moving on. Emanuelle This was a sexy "crushing on my fantasy hard" story. I liked the crazy neighbor and even how the cop was a bit shy but aware of the crush.

These two were smoking hot together! The humiliation as punishment was perfect! This wasn't strictly a bdsm scene but the author made sure to toss in dress up, slut play, humiliation, stripper and outdoor sex. Gallager This was HOT! In short stories, even Erotica, I can find something relatable even if its fictionalized.

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This story didn't resonate. It was just OK. An erotic romance where the characters were well written and the sex scene was steamy hot. I really enjoyed this one. I liked the characters and how the story unfolded. Even though "Trick" was a cop she couldn't deny her attraction to her target while undercover. Perhaps it was the sex on a train aspect, familiar lovers, voyeurism or just damn fine writing bringing everything together.

THIS author just shot to the top of my 'want to read' list. Merrow Didn't care for this one. A little more romance than erotica. Shows how a cop should always be professional but can't always be and how a strong woman can't always be strong. Would love to see a longer story with these two. By Cheyenne Blue I would consider a light sweet erotic romance. Nothing wrong with that I just prefer hardcore erotica.

I will give the writing style and setting points overall a good story. The whole world is a bad neighborhood. Shit happens. Someone has to clean it up. And sometimes unexpected pleasure serves as a consolation prize. This is the message of the stories in this collection, each featuring a lesbian police officer and a willing female civilian or rookie cop. It would be very easy for the contributors to a collection with this theme to write over-the-top fantasies about unstoppable woman warriors with bullet-proof flesh who rock-and-roll all night with sultry suspects, The whole world is a bad neighborhood.

It would be very easy for the contributors to a collection with this theme to write over-the-top fantasies about unstoppable woman warriors with bullet-proof flesh who rock-and-roll all night with sultry suspects, ignoring professional ethics. Luckily, none of the stories in this book is that kind of cartoon. In "Dress Uniform" by Teresa Noelle Roberts, the narrator is a lesbian cop whose girlfriend has asked her to wear her uniform to a fetish fair.

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The narrator controls her temper, then explains: "'I'm not a fetish, Lisette. My uniform isn't a cos-play outfit or a vest and leather pants. Every time I've spanked you, you've been spanked by a cop.

By me. By a woman you say you care about. And if that's not good enough for you, if you need the fucking uniform, I don't know what to do, because I can't treat it like fetish gear. Just because we each had a fetish for what the other wore didn't mean we didn't connect on other levels. We'd work this out somehow.

In some sense, she agrees to play the role of sexy cop to please the woman in her life when she is not actually doing her job.

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Several of these stories deal with the stress on family members, especially spouses, of police work. In "A Cop's Wife" by Evan Mora, the narrator gets anonymous telephoned threats for her wife Patrice, a Canadian cop who has captured violent sex offenders. As Patrice reminds her wife, the threats are a part of her job. Under the circumstances, sex between the two women is a life-affirming refusal to surrender to fear. In "Raven Brings the Light" by Kenzie Mathews, another relationship story set in a harsh northern climate Alaska , the schoolteacher narrator is shaken by a TV news announcement about the murder of a young woman she knew.

The teacher's partner, a cop, "didn't want to talk about it when she finally came home. The two women bridge the gap between their communication styles by sharing traditional First Nations stories about Raven, a trickster figure who found a way to steal the precious light of the sun, moon and stars and throw them in the sky.

It's a story of hope, and it's enough to convey the flavor of their relationship. Another realistic story about an established relationship between a cop and her partner is "Chapel Street Blue" by R. In this story, the cop is blessed or cursed with movie-star glamor, and she has to deal with a garden-variety horndog, the male cop she works with, while investigating the murder of a young sex worker by a more violent man. The cop's partner, the narrator, offers her the distraction of sex which ends dramatically: "A sudden surge and we are sliding sweat-soaked and laughing from the gorgeous peak, my lovely law-woman and I.